We are Strong Water


Strong Water is a Folk/Americana band based out of Harrisonburg, Va. Major influences in our sound are Noah Gundersen, Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers. After our Debut LP release in April, 2016 we have been hitting the road hard to bring good music to anyone who is willing to listen.

Vocals, Guitar / Greg Brennan

Fiddle, Vocals / JJ  

Drums, Vocals / Evan Hunsberger

Banjo, Guitar / Tim Cannon

 Touring Bassist / Chad Altenberger


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Strong Water after a basement show in Fall, 2014.

Strong Water after a basement show in Fall, 2014.

About us

Born out of the vibrant college based community that is Harrisonburg, Virginia, Strong Water has experienced life as a project like most bands. Members have come and gone, the sound has changed slightly and matured as those involved have matured, but the vision and energy which has carried the group for so many years still remains the same.

What originally started as a duo, swelled to become a six piece before settling on it's now-three dedicated members whose performance is built on strong Male and Female lead vocals supported by harmonies, driving Acoustic/Electric Guitar or Banjo parts, well crafted melodic Fiddle lines, rounded out by tasteful Drums/Percussion, and an Upright or Bass Guitar depending on the show. Strong Water's eclectic collection of original songs and a handful of covers range from genres such as Bluegrass & Blues, to their personal spin on Americana and Folk-Rock, incorporating sounds and styles from influences such as Noah Gundersen, Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers.


Strong Water gearing up for a trip to Asheville, NC during the Summer, 2016.

Strong Water gearing up for a trip to Asheville, NC during the Summer, 2016.

After large numbers of requests from fans who had enjoyed a previous EP launched in November 2014, Strong Water recorded and released a 14 track Debut LP in April, 2016. Armed with their new record and a newfound sense of direction, Strong Water has been busy booking and playing special events, shows, & festivals throughout VA and traveled as far as Asheville, NC to bring their energetic performance to fans young and old.


The band's fast growing list of performances include opening and playing alongside bands such as Judah & The Lion, Lucy Dacus, Chamomile & Whiskey, The Judy Chops, The Dawn Drapes, Erin & The Wildfire, and many others.