Tippie canoe

Where do you find your love
Does it seem to be enough
No one wants to ever be told they're wrong

Its only when you try and find
Search with all your heart and mind
these things just never seem to turn up

So do your best and read the signs
Go on and just live your life
And I know pure beauty will find you there


Dino Bones

Dino bones
Peppered songs
Why wont you sing along
With this red water
Beer bottles
No they won't help you on
Its a fish hook
An ink pen
Don't let this sink your ship
Empty Chairs
Quiet Stairs
Tell me I'm doin’ something wrong

Empty room
Crescent moon
tells me its not high noon
Broken lead
Coffee stash
I think I spoke too soon
Garbage can
Guitar stand
A remote that turns nothing on
Nylon wings
Woven strings
Tell me I'm doin’ something wrong

Precious plea
Don't look me in the LED's
Its a Joy stick
Last wish
We're comin’ on heavy seas
Its due today
TV tray
I feel like its been too long
Whiskey shot
Don't look at the clock
Cuz it'll tell ya
You're doin’ something wrong



As I sit and wait for fire
My regrets forget to expire
Your two cents come at a great expense
to a heart still stuck in the mire

I don't know what its for
So I cloaked it in metaphors
You'll find a Book and a Ring amongst other things
Underneath those stained oak wood floors

Like a sweet poison in my wine
I wont notice it til I've seen the divine
No matter whats been said I'll soon be dead
In this dark is where I lose my mind

No I'm not sure what all this means
Wish I was blind to the love I've seen
But It won't die even though I try and try
Honey your're my Evergreen



Don't let this train pass me by
Please get me home tonight
Cuz I'm too drunk on love
I'm too drunk on what it is I want

How did I let this start
Now this train has my heart
Now this trains got my soul
I'm too young to feel this old

I can't derail this train
its time I fight you again
I'll fight you to the death
ones coming out with the others head

I'm done taking your commands
Its time I start using my own head and hands
Oh sweet mistress you driven for too long
Its time I derail this train
Before you kill us all

Its a battle of the unseen
Oh Lord please help me
Drown these demons in a well
bring this train back from my own hell

Don't let this train pass me by
Please get me home tonight
Cuz I'm too drunk on love
I'm too drunk on what it is I want

Streets of Gold

Back then when I was young
I used to sing the song of love
Though my heart didn't know why
I always look to the sky

Please take me home
to the Streets of Gold
where I’ll never be alone
and I'll forever be
yours alone

Now when I look back
At all the things that have come to pass
heart has changed through it all
Now I wait for your call



Over the endless ocean
I may find myself
But I'll keep holdin’
Keep my maps on the shelf

Cause I'm your sailor
As your waves whip me about
I'm your Sailor
Over your waves I can't shout

I'm a Sailor
Ocean marry me
I'm a Sailor
Oceans set me free

Oh now I know
With my sun kissed skin
My ships full of holes
I can't live by the wind

Oh but how I wish
I could take those years back
But the oceans’ kiss
like a lover always beckons me back

The ship set sail
From port long ago
Like an ocean’s tail
You'll never know

Land says "come on home" 
It's where you belong
But the ocean spray
Says you're wrong


Ante Up

Ante up one more time
I got nothing to lose if you're not mine
Always bet on those blue eyes
River comes only y the night

I know I've ferried to many souls
Some times I wish you weren't          sacred of me
But the truth is
You are

Its not like he doesn't deserve you
Reign down like a queen with       riches and jewels
But why can't I show you my own
My kingdom of filth, kingdom love, kingdom that I call home
I got no one to blame but me
Spent to much time here in purgatory

I know I've ferried to many souls
Some times I wish you weren't sacred of me
But the truth is

I know I've ferried to many souls
But sometimes I wish you weren't Married
But the truth is
You are


This is Real

Oh this is my call
Oh this is my prize
My eyes glaze over
Almost every time

Sometimes I forget
How much fun we have
But when the rest of us play
I remember again

So don't let me forget how much fun we have
playing song we wrote from the future and past
this is when things start to feel
like our dreams are coming to be real

Its all about the fun
Not the money in the end
I'd gladly waste a few more life times
with people like you for friends

One more time
For good measures sake
I could stay here forever
But time has its way

Remember july

Remember July
Remember those nights
When time stood still
and you forever will
be in my arms

Oh love what a mystery
Love what have you given me
But a broken toy
But still I find my Joy

Would it really matter
If I told you how I felt
Cause it wouldn't change
How I feel about myself

Remember July
Remember those nights
When time stood still
and your forever will
be in my arms



Oh sweet Reaper won't you take me in
Let me feel deaths sweet sting

Now I know I've done some wrong in this life of mine
And I know at some point I'll have to do my time
But I will sing ‘til my dying day
I don't care what the devil has to say
So what is love if it's only one way
It's still love it just doesn't feel the same


Oh sweet Reaper
Don't you hear her
Calling my name
I know you're right
but for tonight
let me play this game

Take my life
In the morning light
When no ones around
This is my last request
before I'm dead
And six feet under ground


Golden Dress

Golden Dress like a golden god
red shoes like that girl from the wizard of Oz
Sing Sing Sing oh Sing me song
Tell me tell me
You're falling in love

I can tell by the way of the curls in your hair
That I don't that I don't have much time to spare
That sweet little grin and the freckles on them cheeks
Oh they soon oh they soon will be the death of me
So take me on back down to that place we call a home
Back where we fell in love to the places we've once known